Spaghetti dumplings on menu for Short Grain/AMS event

Chef Shuai Wang and guest chef Jonathan Ory prepare bowls of ramen during Short Grain's ramen pop-up at The Daily Saturday, Jan. 2, 2016 in Charleston. Paul Zoeller/Staff

So long, ramen: Short Grain is focusing on dumplings for its next pop-up event.

To be fair, Shuai and Corrie Wang – who just returned from a one-year-anniversary trip to San Francisco that featured lots of food study opportunities – haven’t sworn off noodle soup. But they’ve settled on a dough form that might just be more suitable for warm weather and a big crowd (assuming it doesn’t include the kid who ate at least a dozen dumplings at last Friday’s GrowFood Carolina Spring Fling, clearing out Short Grain’s supply before the party wound down.)

“It should be pretty awesome,” Corrie Wang says of the Saturday night event at Artisan Meat Share; dumplings will be served from 8 p.m.-1 p.m.

Short Grain’s planned menu includes pork-and-chive dumplings, steamed and fried; wontons and pan-fried baos. The Wangs are also collaborating with Artisan Meat Share’s Bob Cook on a sesame pancake sandwich, a dumpling house staple typically made by stuffing a pan-seared flatbread with pork. At the pop-up, Artisan Meat Share bread and meat will stand in for the traditional ingredients.

Cook is also making three dumplings of his devising, including one stuffed with spaghetti.

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