Social to close this Saturday

(Tyrone Walker/

When Social Restaurant + Wine Bar opened in 2007, just eight years after the oldest millennials were legally permitted to drink, owner Brad Ball of Poogan’s Hospitality Group aimed to “make wine approachable to an emerging demographic.” Now, Ball says, Generation Y is moving on – and Social is moving out.

Social will pour its last glass on Saturday. According to a press release, Poogan’s Hospitality Group will redevelop the East Bay Street space; details about the concept and a projected reopening date haven’t been disclosed.

“It will be bittersweet to close the doors, but we are excited about what is in the works,” Ball is quoted as saying.

The beverage industry is forever trying to understand the beverage consumption patterns of millennials, a group with annual purchasing power estimated at $200 billion. A recent report from The Nielsen Company suggests drinkers born after 1978 are most interested in drinking vodka and craft beer. They still like wine, but are more likely than any other demographic to choose a wine because it’s on sale.

So plans for marking Social’s final week ought to please its intended demographic: To clear out inventory, the restaurant is discounting glasses and bottles. Additionally, it’s selling $75 “wine surprise boxes,” featuring three mystery bottles drawn from Social’s cellar. The boxes are valued at $75-$175, with one winning box worth $250.

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