Quick stovetop quiche

In yet another installment of eggs/breakfast for dinner, we offer this so-called quiche, which, depending on the pan you use, might remind you more of a frittata with a bottom crust. It’s a 10-minute pan quiche and refers to how long it takes to cook this stovetop version of the classic, baked French egg dish.

Bread crumbs moistened with a little olive oil are pressed into the pan and toasted to form the makeshift crust. You can process your own using day-old French bread, as we’ve done here, or you can use store-bought garlic croutons.

You could add or substitute fillings, such as cheese, olives, scallions and/or mint.

Serve with a green salad. Adapted from “Jeffrey Saad’s Global Kitchen: Recipes Without Borders” (Ballantine Books, 2012).

2 servings Ingredients: 1/2 medium tomato

1 ounce spinach leaves 2 ounces day-old French or other crusty bread (about 1/4 of a regular-size baguette; may substitute garlic croutons; see headnote)

1/2 to 1 teaspoon herbes de Provence

1 tablespoon olive oil 4 large eggs

1/4 cup water 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt

Directions: Coarsely chop the tomato (to yield 1/4 to 1/2 cup). Finely chop the spinach to yield 1/4 to 1/3 packed cup.

Tear the bread into chunks and place it in a food processor along with the herbes de Provence (to taste). Pulse to form small crumbs, about 11/4 cups.

Heat the oil in a small-to-medium nonstick skillet over medium heat; swirl to coat the bottom and halfway up the sides.

Pour the crumb mixture into the skillet, using a flexible spatula to press it to form a crust.

Toast for 45 seconds to 1 minute or until fragrant. Monitor the heat and adjust as needed; if it’s too high, the crust will burn before the egg sets after it’s poured in, and if it’s too low the crust will not become golden brown.

Whisk together the eggs, water and salt in a medium bowl. Pour evenly over the crumb crust in the skillet. Sprinkle the spinach and tomato evenly over the egg. Reduce the heat to medium-low.

Cover and cook for about 10 minutes, until the egg is just set but still looks moist.

Uncover and remove from the heat. Gently loosen the edges of the crust, then slide the pan quiche onto a cutting board.

Cut in half and divide between plates. Serve right away.

Nutrition per serving: 293 calories, 18g fat, 4g saturated fat, 423mg cholesterol, 566mg sodium, 17g carbohydrates, 2g dietary fiber, 16g protein.