Paula Deen joins fight against diabetes

Paula Deen

Celebrity chef and Food Network star Paula Deen is teaming with drugmaker Novo Nordisk for a program that aims to help people live with Type 2 diabetes and promote a Novo drug. Diabetes in a New Light has tips on food preparation, stress management and working with doctors on a treatment plan. Recipes and tips are on

Deen, a paid spokeswoman for Novo Nordisk, says she was diagnosed three years ago, but kept quiet until she had advice to offer the public. "I wanted to bring something to the table when I came forward," she said Tuesday on NBC's "Today" show. "I've always been one to think that I bring hope."

She was asked if her high-fat, high-calorie recipes can lead to diabetes. "That is part of the puzzle," she said, but mentioned other factors: genetics, lifestyle, stress and age.

"On my show I share ... yum- my, fattening recipes, but I tell people, 'in moderation.' "

Deen takes Victoza, a once-daily noninsulin injection.