Even if the punning name Pho King isn’t to every eater’s liking, it’s an excellent way to help American-born English speakers remember how to correctly pronounce the name of the signature Vietnamese soup.

Many pho fans say “faux,” when the soup’s name should in fact rhyme with, well, duh. That homonym has accounted for a flurry of semi-indecorous restaurant names across the country, including What the Pho? and Pho Keene Great. And now Mount Pleasant has a Pho King of its own at 700 S. Shelmore Ave.

Owner Oanh Dang, who previously ran Eva’s on Main in Summerville, says the pho is based on her mother’s recipe. Currently, Pho King is serving beef broth accompanied by a choice of meatballs, sliced beef or shredded chicken, with the option of adding various vegetables to the bowl. According to Pho King’s Facebook page, a vegan broth and Keto diet-compatible noodles are in development.

In addition to pho, Pho King serves salads, sake, beer and wine.

Pho King is open daily from 5-9 p.m. For more information, search for Pho King Mount Pleasant on Facebook or call 303-898-7701.

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