The half-acre plot that serves as MUSC’s Urban Farm is an ideal venue for teaching people about growing vegetables, but volunteers looking to demonstrate the nutritional benefits of eating them have long been stymied by a lack of food prep facilities. According to Urban Farm educator Carmen Ketron, the best she could do was show people how to massage kale for salad.

Now, though, the farm is equipped with a new outdoor kitchen. The centerpiece of the kitchen is a cob oven built by students from MUSC and the American College of the Building Arts. The wood-burning hearth, made from clay, mud, sand and straw, can produce everything from pizza to stew.

With the oven, “we can actually do hands-on learning,” Ketron is quoted as saying in a release announcing the upgrade. “If you can actually have an interactive experience with it, you’re more likely to enjoy eating for health.”

MUSC will host lunch-and-learn programs around the oven every Tuesday from 12:15 p.m.-12:45 p.m. Members of the general public can also rent the oven, 29 Bee St., for events. For more information, visit

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