While the nation’s bacon obsession may have subsided since 2008, when even The New York Times felt compelled to post a recipe for the pork quilt popularly known as “bacon explosion,” Bacon Station’s menu is a sign that the age of bacon saturation isn’t over.

What’s striking about the menu at the new Mount Pleasant café is it doesn’t seem especially bacon-dominant when compared with other local menus, which also have their share of bacon.

Of 15 different breakfast items at Bacon Station, including wraps, biscuits and French toast, only five explicitly involve bacon. Bacon also takes a backseat at the lunch hour, when the choices include a burger, grilled cheese sandwich and salads. But for the fiercest bacon fans, the weekday-only restaurant is serving bacon mac-and-cheese, a bacon-topped hot dog, bacon salsa and a club sandwich.

Bacon Station, 454 Shipping Lane, is open 6 a.m.-2 p.m. Monday to Friday. For more information, go to baconstationchs.com or call 843-225-5797.

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