There’s hardly a shortage of food on upper King Street. But hotel guests who count on finding tuna tartare or deviled eggs without leaving the building have long been out of luck at Hyatt Place Charleston, since meal service on its first floor is limited to continental breakfast.

Now, though, Bourbon N’ Bubbles has opened in the same development (albeit with a separate entrance.) “It’s a built-in audience,” manager Zach Dennis told The Post and Courier prior to the bar’s opening. “You have 325 rooms and no food service.”

While the food menu is relatively short for now, Bourbon N’ Bubbles owners didn’t stint on the brass fixtures or high-end bottles.

Those elements come together in the bar’s much-touted liquor lockers, in which individuals or companies can stash a favorite brand for repeated sipping. Although the bar has promoted the program with a picture of Maker’s Mark secured in one of its compartments, the associated costs aren’t exactly on par with a mid-shelf label: A personal claim works out to $4,900 a year, although the bar allows two people to split one locker.

Bourbon N’ Bubbles, 570 King St., opens at 4 p.m. daily. For more information, call 843-847-9058, or visit

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