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Nutty Rooster doughut made with peanut butter and sriracha.

When Ambergre Sloan started fooling around with doughnuts, her intention was to create an all-natural pastry that she could enjoy at home. But once friends started sampling her creations, it became clear she wasn’t going to be able to keep a doughnut without preservatives, eggs or dairy to herself: She launched her food truck in October 2010.

But the blue Diggity Doughnuts truck couldn’t reach everyone with a hankering for doughnuts topped with green curry and coconut bits; chocolate frosting, mint and pretzel bits; or strawberries and jalapenos.

“I am finding your doughnut truck as if my life depends on it,” warned an online comment writer, whose passion predated the truck’s appearance on the Food Network. Sadly, her planned Charleston trip didn’t coincide with Diggity Doughnuts’ weekend schedule.

Yet future Diggity Doughnut hounds are unlikely to be similarly disappointed, since Sloan has opened an actual bakery. The store at 616 Meeting St. (the same strip mall where food truck Hello My Name is BBQ settled down) is open 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Thursday-Sunday. In addition to doughnuts, coffee and tea are available.

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