Andrew Cebulka/Provided

Seasonal Cocktail: French Master 75

What is it?

The French Master 75 is a seasonal cocktail served at Nico's oysters + seafood.

Cal Goodell and his team put their spin on the French 75, a cocktail created in the 1940s that recognizes the 75-mm field gun of World War I.

What’s the story?

The French Master 75 plays both the classic cocktail of gin, Champagne, lemon and sugar against the Master Chef of France accolades bestowed on Nico Romo, owner of Nico's.

He is a Maître Cuisinier, a recognized “authority in the French art of gastronomy” — a Master — thus French Master 75.

This cocktail combines an herbaceous and juniper-forward Bristow Gin with a fresh fig infusion (the fruit will change seasonally), lemon simple syrup and Cremant de Limoux, a sparkling wine from southwestern France.

What’s the price?


Who’s selling it?

Nico's oysters + seafood

201 Coleman Blvd., Mount Pleasant


What’s the flavor?

French Master 75 is a botanical-rich gin based drink with notes of juniper, clove, cassia (cinnamon), sweet orange and lemon verbena.

The gin’s profile is smoothed by the addition of the fresh fig infusion and the effervescence of the sparkling wine. The wine presents a light acidity and brings a freshness to the palate.

It is perfect for the seafood-centric menu, the mackerel tartine and a worthy aperitif to the coastal menu.

— Deidre Schipani