[caption id="attachment_2909" align="alignright" width="240"] This is not Menoki's ramen.[/caption] The last dedicated ramen shop to open in Charleston closed within weeks, but the forthcoming Menkoi Ramen House has a weapon that’s likely to conquer any local skepticism about its noodle bowls. “Spicy ramen is their most popular dish,” Jonathan Sharpe, an avid eater and food photographer in Columbia, says of the restaurant’s original location. “The secret of its hangover-curing properties is out here.” Menkoi recently posted a sign in the window of the former Manny’s Neighborhood Grill, first spotted by Eater Charleston. According to a staffer at the Columbia store, the Charleston restaurant is scheduled to open later this month. “It’s going to be the same menu,” she added. The menu at Menkoi in Columbia includes shio ramen, shoyu ramen and miso ramen, available with pork or chicken. There’s also a non-meat broth and vegetarian onigiri listed. “I'm a fan of their miso and tonkotsu broths, the latter of which takes two days to make,” Sharpe says. “Their shumai are also delightfully fresh, unlike the kind you see in some strip mall-type places.” Kazuhiro Sato, the owner of Menkoi, also owns a longstanding teppanyaki grill; sushi bar and a Japanese karaoke lounge in Columbia. The Charleston restaurant is located at 41-A George St.