Pretzels at the bar

Mr. Tidbit never promised he’d be on top of every food trend. Although he thought he was keeping a fairly close eye on the cereal bar industry, he seems to have missed a fad.

He learned of his shortcoming when he noticed the latest flavor of General Mills’ Fiber One chewy bars: chocolate caramel & pretzel.

Imagine his surprise when, on studying the matter, he discovered that there already are chocolatey pretzel Special K bars from Kellogg, pretzel berry Chewy Smashbars from Quaker and no doubt many others.

Itty-bitty big

Teddy Grahams, Nabisco’s graham crackers that are crisp little bears, are now joined by Teddy Grahams Soft Paws.

Individually wrapped Soft Paws weigh an ounce apiece, are soft and shaped like paws (or catcher’s mitts).

They come in apple-cinnamon or oatmeal raisin.

At a store, the 8-ounce box of Soft Paws was the same price as the 10-ounce box of Teddy Grahams, so Soft Paws cost 25 percent more per ounce.


Over at Kellogg’s Keebler, there’s something Mr. Tidbit is positive he’s never seen before: Cinnamon Roll cookies, soft cinnamon cookies with a swirl of darker cinnamon cookie in the center. They come in two flavors: original and caramel pecan.

The latter lists natural and artificial flavors — and no pecans — among the ingredients.

But the label adds that they “may contain peanuts and tree nuts.”

By Al Sicherman Star Tribune (Minneapolis) (MCT)