McCrady’s reverts to a la carte menu

Cheese plate from McCrady's. Grace Beahm/Staff

After nearly a year of sticking to a prix-fixe format, McCrady’s has returned to an a la carte menu.

Neighborhood Dining Group president and owner David Howard describes the new menu as “less traditional and formal,” adding that it frees customers from the constraints associated with a predetermined number of courses.

“Our guests can now create their own menu, and choose between 12 -15 different dishes, and in what sequence they’d like to eat each dish,” Howard says. “They can also share items.”

For diners who prefer to experience McCrady’s exactly as chef de cuisine Daniel Heinze intends it, a seven-course tasting menu is available. It’s priced at $115, with an $80 surcharge for wine pairings.

When McCrady’s last spring introduced its standardized $65 menu, then-head bartender Ryan Casey said the approach would allow the kitchen to focus on fine tuning its high-level execution.

Dishes listed on the current menu include substantial items, such as roasted triggerfish, pepper-crusted pork and a flat iron steak, priced at $25-$28, and smaller flavor riffs in the $10-$17 range. Among those plates are grilled sunchokes with butterbeans and creamed lettuce; lamb neck pastrami with red cabbage and grilled shitakes and calico scallops with Charleston Gold rice porridge.

Howard says the menu will change daily.

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