Emma Waugh @girleatscharleston

"That spread got me cheesin'" wrote @girleatscharleston's Emma Waugh on a recent visit to Avondale Wine & Cheese. Provided

Welcome to Lowcountry 'Grammer, a new column designed to showcase the most well-composed, innovative and delicious culinary photography by Lowcountry Instagram "influencers" (i.e., people who run accounts that make you hungry/thirsty, sometimes in exchange for meals or money from the featured restaurant.) Go ahead, throw them a follow, and don't forget to follow @postandcourier while you're at it!

Emma Waugh lives in North Charleston, works as a career counselor, and runs @girleatscharleston.

  • Launched account: March 2018
  • Posting frequency: Approximately seven times per week, tries to post daily
  • Current follower count: 7,900
  • How to get in touch: girleatscharleston@gmail.com

I found myself constantly photographing my meals whenever I went out to eat, and posting them to my personal Instagram account. At the time, there were some food accounts based in other cities that I was following, and I finally decided, "Hey, I could do that too!" After a few days of brainstorming potential names, Girl Eats Charleston was born.

For someone with an account like mine, Charleston's culinary scene is a dream. There's always a new restaurant popping up that I am dying to try, and my Instagram kind of gives me an excuse to do that.

Food photography is harder than it looks! It's not usually as simple as: food arrives at table, snap picture, post it. It's a whole process — I have to think about the lighting, the colors, the angle, the composition (what is included in the frame and how). 

Now my biggest challenge is lighting. Having good natural light is the MOST important factor for beautiful photos. However, some restaurants in the city like to close all the blinds and turn down all their lights — great for ambiance, horrible for photography. To get around the lighting issue, I try to go out to eat while it's light out (extra challenging during those short winter days), and sit outside or near a window as much as possible.

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