Chartreuse Colada from Edmund's Oast

Chartreuse Colada from Edmund's Oast. Provided

Last week, Jayce McConnell, the beverage director at Edmund's Oast, posted a picture of a pretty cocktail on social media and everyone went bananas for it. 

McConnell is known for being a bit of a wunderkind. He was an accomplished mixologist when he was barely of drinking age, and in his years at EO, he's cemented his reputation for making interesting and delicious cocktails. 

So when his Chartreuse Colada showed up on the Instagram feed, his followers were mesmerized.

His description: "Chartreuse, rum, pineapple, lime, Jamaican bitters, lots of garnish and Chartreuse powder on top."

Chartreuse is the lemon-lime colored French liqueur that has an ancient history and a cult following. "It's one of those ingredients that you can put into most classic format cocktails as a base spirit," says McConnell. "It holds its own and is super complex."

McConnell enjoys making refreshing tropical drinks (think less sweet, more balanced) and first made the Chartreuse Colada for a group of friends dining at the restaurant. They loved it, and he decided to go ahead and put it on the menu. 

It costs a whopping $16. "I know," says McConnell. "New York prices." But this is such a unique creation that it's worth a splurge. 

The Chartreuse powder alone is quite labor-intensive. McConnell makes a reduction of Chartreuse and makes a paste with egg whites and white sugar and then folds them together and dehydrates. "Buzz it up in the Vita-Prep," he says, "and it's powder."

Served in a julep cup with pebbled ice and garnished with herbs and flowers, the Chartreuse Colada is a perfect pairing with the 90-degree heat we've been having.

— Stephanie Barna 

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