492 summer breeze cocktail.jpg

Summer Breeze, a vodka-based cocktail garnished with basil leaf and flower, at 492 restaurant on King Street on Thursday, June 29, 2017. Wade Spees/Staff

Cocktail: Summer Breeze

What is it?

Summer Breeze is a cocktail developed by Ian Miller, bar manager at 492.

It is new to the restaurant's summer menu at 492 and was an offshoot of Negroni Week 2017.

492’s rooftop garden provided the inspiration for Miller’s seasonal spirit.

What’s the story?

Miller and Josh Keeler, executive chef 492, are driven by similar standards of seasonality, quality ingredients and balanced flavor combinations.

Keeler executes on the plate and Miller creates for the glass.

Their rooftop garden provides the local product and Miller utilizes leaves, fruits and flowers to refresh classic and contemporary cocktails.

Who’s selling it?


492 King St.


What’s the price?


What’s the flavor?

Campari presents a bitter back flavor to Summer Breeze but the licorice/mint elements of the basil are enhanced by the lemon juice so the cocktail drinks mellow: neither sweet nor spicy.

Vodka is its neutral self, letting the elements of citrus, herb and botanical Campari refresh your palate and quench your thirst.

— Deidre Schipani