Thoroughbred Club cocktails

The Infielder and the Mouzon Mash at Thoroughbred Club. Staff/Stephanie Barna

Sometimes you just want to pretend you're a tourist in your own town and settle in at the Thoroughbred Club, one of downtown's most luxurious spots located in the lobby of the Charleston Place hotel. I did that just last week in the midst of Bridge Run chaos when our narrow streets were packed with cars, people and rickshaw drivers ferrying folks to and fro. 

The cool, quiet darkness of the Thoroughbred Club beckoned and the corner seat at the bar just happened to be available, so I took a seat and talked with Mouzon Taylor, longtime head bartender.

It was sunny, hot and breezy outside, a perfect spring day, and Taylor suggested his No. 1 one best-seller, the Infield, made with fresh herbs (mint and basil), cucumber vodka and ginger beer and finished with lime and cucumber. It was a fresh, effervescent cocktail that proved to be an easy drinker. Were they not $15 a pop, I could have drunk a couple of these and wiled away the entire afternoon. 

I also tried the eponymously named Mouzon's Mash, which was fresh and fruity with peach, mint, lemon and Gentleman Jack, a smoother version of Jack Daniels that benefits from a charcoal filtering. Not too boozy, the Mash is a perfect choice for a bourbon fan looking for a smooth cocktail. 

While the cocktails are delicious and classic, it's the setting with the free spiced nuts and the friendly conversation from Taylor and the other patrons, who are mostly visiting town, that make it a memorable way to enjoy the best the city has to offer in way of hospitality.

— Stephanie Barna

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