Sangria at Barsa

Choose from a red or white sangria at Barsa. Staff/Stephanie Barna

Don't think about ordering a pitcher of sangria at Barsa. The fruity red wine concoction is made by the glass, and it's worth the extra care they take. 

Sangria is one of those drinks you forget about, until you wander into a Spanish restaurant, like Barsa, or even a Mexican one, like Santi's. While it originated in Portugal and Spain, sangria spread to the Americas and is popular all over. The classic version mixes red wine with citrus fruits, spices and brandy. 

At Barsa, they muddle lime and orange and then pour in some brandy add the red wine, a garnacha, followed by housemade cinnamon syrup and a top of Seven-Up. The result is a tasty but not too sweet cocktail that goes well with warm weather. 

They also make a white sangria that muddles Pisco, a colorless brandy from South America, with the fruit and then some elderflower syrup and topped with Cava, a Spanish sparkling wine. This one is more akin to a lighter, sweeter version of a margarita without the kick of tequila. 

Sangria ($7) is a perfect companion for Barsa's signature pans of paella and tapas. 

Barsa is at 630 King St. and has great happy hour specials and Sangria nights every Thursday. 

— Stephanie Barna

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