Oh My Darlyn! Scotch Ale

Oh My Darlyn! Scotch Ale Provided

Craft Beer: Oh My Darlyn!

What is it?

Oh My Darlyn! is a craft beer brewed by the Revelry Brewing Company. It is a limited release, barrel-aged, Scotch Ale.

This style of ale became popular in 19th century Edinburgh. It presents with big, bold flavors and rich brown/bronze colors due to the caramelization of the wort.

What’s the story?

Ryan Coker and his team at Revelry Brewing Company had produced a Scotch Ale in 2016. Oh My Darlyn! took the Silver Medal at the Great American Beer festival held in Denver.

The 2017 batch of Oh My Darlyn! is part of a barrel swap program with the folks at Virgil Kaine Whiskey in which their whiskey barrels were used to age the Revelry Scotch Ale.

The integrity of the malty ale remains but Oh My Darlyn! is also rich with the flavors of vanilla, caramel, and toffee.

Who’s selling it?

Revelry Brewing Company

10 Conroy Street

Limited Release product

What’s the price?

$14 – 750 ml bottle

What’s the flavor?

The caramelized wort and roasted malt give this ale a big and bold flavor.

The whiskey barrel aging imparts raisin-like notes and provides a good flavor platform for the malt. This is a full-bodied beverage designed for those whose tastes favor roasted, toasty malt.

It is 10% ABV and honestly comes by its other name in the Scotch Ale canon: “Wee Heavy”.