The Breakfast Martini at Millers All Day

The Breakfast Martini at Millers All Day is a little bit sweet and a whole lot strong. Staff/Stephanie Barna

With the proliferation of all-day breakfast joints comes the breakfast martini, a phenomenon encountered at both Dap's and Millers All Day. 

At Dap's, a restaurant on Ashley Avenue opened by Jeremiah Schenzel and Nicholas Dowling last month, they only have a beer and wine license, which means they must get creative in order to offer cocktails like Bloody Marys and negronis. For the bloody, it's simply subbing sake for vodka, while the "It's Not a Gin Negroni" relies on Caperitif (a fortified wine) and a couple of vermouths to create the negroni illusion. For the martini ($10), they use Fossil white wine and La Cigarerra manzanilla sherry, which Schenzel says has a briny flavor that pairs well with the high mineral content of the wine to create a twist on the classic dirty martini. Plop in a giant olive, and you've got yourself a much less boozy option. 

The Breakfast Martini at Millers All Day on King Street takes advantage of a full liquor license but still provides a creative twist on the classic martini ($10), which they make with gin, Cocchi Americano (a wine aperitif substitute for traditional vermouth), Cointreau (an orange spirit) and peach jam. Originally I thought they might be referring to Jam, the drinking vinegar made locally that comes in a peach flavor, but the server said they use actual peach jam in the drink to add some sweetness. Unlike the sherry-based martini at Daps, this one is a rather boozy option to go with unicorn grits and Salisbury steak. 

Other intriguing breakfast cocktails at Millers All Day that caught my eye are the yogurt daiquiri (made with rum, strawberry, yogurt, honey, lime and blackstrap bitters) and the hickory old-fashioned (made with bourbon, Luxardo Maraschino cherries, hickory syrup (as opposed to maple) and black walnut bitters.  

It seems like we're finally moving beyond mimosas and bloodys when it comes to breakfast in Charleston. 


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