Jocassee Gin

Jocassee Gin from Dark Corner Distillery in Greenville.


Jōcassee Gin

What is it?

Jōcassee Gin is a pot-distilled gin made by the Dark Corner Distillery in Greenville. The liquor was launched in 2016.

The gin earned a silver medal through Tastings International Review of Spirits (blind tasting) and in 2017 took home the bronze medal at the Spirits International Prestige Awards.

What’s the story?

This micro-brewed gin combines some of South Carolina’s quintessential flowers, the magnolia and honeysuckle. The blossoms add a floral note to this spirit with a juniper core.

It is 84 proof with a 42 percent ABV.

What’s the price?

$35-$40 (750 ml)

Who’s selling it?

Call ahead for availability:

Bottles Superstore, Mount Pleasant

Burris Liquors, Charleston

Eagan’s Spirits, Daniel Island, Mount Pleasant

Total Wine and More, West Ashley 

Locations that have featured it in cocktails:

Bay Street Biergarten

Ellis Creek



High Cotton


Poogan’s Porch

What’s the flavor?

This modern-style gin presents first and foremost with floral notes: magnolia, honeysuckle and even gardenia fragrances percolate though the juniper core.

A citrus finish of both lemon and orange complement the spice of the evergreen juniper.

It's great for gin and tonic, Tom Collins or Bee’s Knees cocktails.

— Deidre Schipani