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Husk's bottled cocktails (from left) with cointreau ('Corpse Reviver #2'), tequila ('Aero Mexico'), vodka ('Sun Kissed Mule'), and gin ('HUSK Invigorator') on Thursday, August 24, 2017. Wade Spees/Staff

Bottled Cocktails: The Bar at Husk

What is it?

From cask to barrel, batch to bottle, the history of cocktails leads to convenience, consistency and speed of service. A bottled cocktail allows for precise measurement, controlled dilution, reduced errors and an improved guest experience.

What’s the story?

Justin Simko is the creative force behind the bottled beverages served on the patio at the Bar at Husk.

There are letters from 1763 that Benjamin Franklin bottled milk punches and by 1827 a “bottle” of milk punch was the norm.

Jerry Thomas mentions them in 1862 and the Heublein Company introduced a line of classic cocktails in 1892.

Husk’s cocktails are made, bottled, capped and tagged daily. The menu embraces the season but the Husk Invigorator (the bar's take on a gin and tonic) is a staple.

Currently the Aero Mexico, Corpse Reviver and Sun Kissed Mule are available for your patio drinking pleasure.

What’s the price?


Who’s selling it?

The Bar at Husk

Patio Service

72 Queen St.


What’s the flavor?

Each cocktail brings its own specific flavor profile to the bottle.

The measured preparation and chilling allows each drink to bloom with its spirit, ingredients, chilling and garnishes to be at optimum concentration.

Unlike many cocktails that suffer from dilution as they sit, a bottled cocktail can remain a consistent drink.

— Deidre Schipani

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