Rusty Bull Cap'n Nut Crunch beer

Rusty Bull's Cap'n Nut Crunch beer 

Brewers Brian Bogstad and Ben Mayer love their community at Rusty Bull Brewing so much that they left it up to their fans to decide from what favorite cereal they should make a beer. The winner in the social media poll was Cap'n Crunch's Peanut Butter Crunch, a challenging choice to say the least. 

"That wouldn't have been what I would've picked," says Mayer, but that's sort of the point of the experiment. The brewers were challenged to make not just a beer, but a good beer using that ingredient. 

Bogstad says they added 50 pounds of cereal to the mash along with 50 pounds of PB2 powdered peanut butter to make a cream ale. "We did not do a stout or porter intentionally," says Bogstad. "There are a lot of good peanut butter dark beers out there."

The end result, which they just finished last week, is a honey-colored brew that smells like peanut butter but tastes smooth without too much sweetness. They're calling it Cap'n Nut Crunch and have about 10 barrels on hand. "Beers like these are a novelty," says Bogstad. But there's a market out there for them and they had fun experimenting with the cereal.  

Rusty Bull is behind Fox Music at 3005 Montague Ave. in North Charleston.

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