Eclipse cocktail

Moon Flufftail cocktail at Caviar & Bananas


Sparkling Wine Cocktail: The Sun & Moon Flufftail

What is it?

The Sun and The Moon Flufftail is a cocktail created at Caviar & Bananas to celebrate the eclipse.

What’s the story?

In one word – eclipse.

The idea is to toast the heavens with a golden flute of sparkling Prosecco and a cloud of airy cotton candy. Margaret and Kris Furniss of Caviar & Bananas have partnered with Pure Fluff Company to create this celebratory drink using organic cotton candy manufactured in West Ashley. It contains organic cane sugar, a seasonal blackberry flavoring ingredient and it is colored with activated charcoal.

The Prosecco was chosen to represent the “twinkling of stars,” the cotton candy orb changes the Prosecco from light to dark and the “glow-in-the dark” straw allows you to watch the the transformation of light to dark.

What’s the price?


Who’s selling it?

Caviar & Bananas

51 George St.

Available Aug. 19-21

Also available at Caviar & Bananas Greenville and Nashville locations as they share in the eclipse path as well.

What’s the taste?

If you have a taste for Kir Royale or even a Bellini, then the Sun and the Moon Flufftail will speak to you. The sparkling wine is flavored with a blackberry cotton candy orb that dissolves upon descent into the glass. The activated charcoal colorant turns the liquid dark, just like the eclipse it celebrates.

- Deidre Schipani