Liquid assets Interesting things to imbibe around town

A beer milkshake is a shake made using beer and ice cream. The basic recipe (it changes slightly depending on the beer used) is 6 ounces of beer, 6 ounces of ice cream, along with malted milk powder and a flavored syrup. It is quickly blended to combine the ingredients.

The RiverDogs' food and beverage folks are constantly looking at trends to find new menu ideas for their concessions. In 2012, John Schumacher read an article in a trade magazine about Red Robin experimenting with a Sam Adams shake. He thought the idea “exceptional” for the RiverDogs crowds, began testing, and released the first beer shake at The Joe in 2013.

About 150 shakes were sold on Opening Night and they averaged 50 a game for that season.

According to Schumacher, “... If I had to narrow it down, I would say females under the age of 40 are more brave to step up to the register.”

$7 for a beer shake and $2.50 additional if you would like to add a shot of liquor to “Spike your Shake.”

Guinness Beer Shake is the most popular shake and the Kahlua Guinness is the most popular Spiked Beer Shake.

Look for the beer shakes at “The Joe,” 360 Fishbourne St., home of Charleston RiverDogs baseball. Special flavors rotate monthly. Past combinations included a “Chocolate PB Beer Shake” with Palmetto Espresso Porter and peanut butter and the “Shock Top Creamsicle” with vanilla ice cream and orange-flavored simple syrup.