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A bottle of Fran├žois Montand Ice Edition for sale at Bottles in Mount Pleasant.

Francois Montand "Ice Edition" is a sparkling wine from the Jura region of France. It is made in the demi-sec or sweet style of sparkling beverages and is best enjoyed after dinner with or as dessert. The "Ice Edition" is best served cold, over ice, with a garnish of berries and mint leaves.

Francois Montand left the Champagne region of France during World War II. He followed the "Zone Libre" into the Jura region and took a few rootstocks with him. He planted these vines in the soil of the Jura characterized by limestone and glacial moraines. Following the traditional method of Champagne production, he produced a sparkling wine with a secret "liqueur d'expedition" - the liquid added to classic champagne that replaces the volume lost during degorgement.

Montand sparkling wines are matured nine months and all receive a double fermentation in the bottle.

This sweet ice wine pairs well with nut-based desserts and the spices used in winter baking.

It can be served as a dessert wine paired with sweets or on its own as the closer to a multicourse menu.

Jeremy Dagot reports in db (drinks business) that the products were launched in response to a growing trend for sparkling wines served over ice spearheaded by Champagne producers.

"We saw that Champagne was starting to introduce products for serving over ice and there is a trend in France for still rose wines served over ice, too," he said. "The white bottle is the packaging code for sparkling over ice."


Bottles Beverage Superstore, 610 Coleman Blvd., Moultrie Plaza, Mount Pleasant. Also look for"Ice Wine" at your neighborhood wine and spirits shop.

"I would say that the sparkling ice wine, served over ice, is a refreshing and fun alternative to pair with a fruity dessert." - Dorothy Cantwell, Daniel Island