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Westbrook Gose beer, seasonal, perfect for summer.

Gose is a style of beer that was brewed in the early 16th century in Goslar, Germany. It takes its name from the Gose River that runs through the town. It is a tart, salty beer with herbal characteristics. The original attributes of Gose were caused by the salt content of the local water and a wild-induced fermentation that produced a top fermented beer with salty acidity.

In 1945, this style of beer disappeared. The combination of wars and dictatorships not to mention a particular German "wall" and the fact that only Friedrich Wurzler was privy to the "secret" recipe led to its demise. The beer style was resurrected in 1985.

For Morgan Westbrook of Westbrook Brewing in Mount Pleasant, the story was closer to home. Her 100-year-old oma (grandmother), from a small town north of Frankfurt near the home of this beer style, asked Westbrook about this salty/tart beer. Edward Westbrook was inspired to find a way to brew this beer, which is a good fit for the Lowcountry's heat, humidity, seafood and summer. The first release of Westbrook Gose was in 2012. It is pronounced "gose-uh" with the gose rhyming with rose.

Serious Drinks identifies Gose as "one of the 20 best new sour beers in the world." Sour-loving, adventure-seeking beer fans in search of a light, refreshing beverages anticipate this seasonal beer brewed by Westbrook. It is expected to be available now through October.

Enlightened and beer-passionate bars, restaurants, and retailers in South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, New York and Europe look forward to Westbrook's Gose. The price is $9.99 a six-pack or about $5-$5.50 draft. It's also available in growlers and bombers.

Those who enjoy the tartness and saltiness of the brew; those who like citrus-driven acidity. Fans of seasonal beers. Beer Advocate ranks it as the "highest rated beer of its style." Rate Beer rates Gose for style as 99; 97 for overall attributes.

"Gose is like drinking electric lemonade. It's crisp and refreshing and I would drink it until the acidity put a hole through my stomach. It is widely requested in Florida." - Brian Cendrowski,, a beer blog