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Three crush drinks from Rita's Seaside Grille are Mango Crush (from left), Black Cherry Lemonade Crush and Hawaiian Crush.

“Rita's Crush” is a crushed ice alcoholic drink available in 11 flavors and served in a 16-ounce tumbler sporting Rita's logo. Most are made with house-infused flavored vodkas (mango, orange, lime, grapefruit), while some are made using rum or tequila. All the juices served in Rita's Crushes are 100 percent freshly squeezed fruit.

Rita's top-selling crushes are the Hawaiian, Black Cherry Lemonade, Orange Creamsicle and Mango.

The Crush drinks were brought to Rita's Seaside Grille by general manager Alex Floroff. He was the general manager of a restaurant in Virginia Beach that for years sold more than $1 million dollars a year in just “orange crush” drinks alone. The orange crush was its original flavor and has been a popular Virginia Beach “summer adult beverage” for many seasons.

The original Orange Crush beverage traces back to 1906. It was known as Ward's Orange Crush, developed by beverage and extract chemist Neil C. Ward.

Rita's iteration of this drink is served over crushed ice. It differs from a Slurpee or slushy in which carbonated beverages are placed in a machine that turns them to a “slush.”

All of Rita's Crushes sell for $8.

Rita's Crushes are a popular drink in all seasons but hit their stride during warm weather. The Orange Crush is usually ordered during brunch service.

It is also common for large groups to order all the flavors and sample them around the table.