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Affirmed Windsor cocktail is available at Prohibition.

The Affirmed Windsor is a cocktail of celebration and memory by Prohibition mixologist Jim McCourt. It pays homage to both the Irish whiskey of McCourt's birthplace and his current homeland in Charleston with the sweet tea of the American South.

McCourt developed this cocktail with the U.S. Triple Crown of thoroughbred racing top of mind. Horse racing's highest honor, the Triple Crown moniker was bestowed on three spring thoroughbred races by Charles Hatton of The New York Times.

Each race is celebrated with a specific cocktail: The Mint Julep at the Kentucky Derby, the Black-Eyed Susan at the Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Breeze at the Belmont Stakes.

According to McCourt, “The inspiration for this 'Triple Crown' cocktail was my home growing up in Ireland and my new home here in the United States. The name came from the last winner of the Irish Triple Crown Windsor Slipper (1942) and Affirmed (1978) from the U.S. Triple Crown. The drink is spirit-forward and tastes very much like a traditional Southern tea. I have incorporated the Irish Triple Crown represented by the Irish whiskey and the American Triple Crown represented by the American sweet tea.”

Tea is used to infuse the whiskey. Dry vermouth, Amaro and Scrappy's Orange Bitters complete the cocktail that is finished with fresh lemon.

The Affirmed Windsor will assure you of no drought as you cheer on your favorite horse; unlike this racing trilogy that has not seen a Triple Crown winner since 1978 with Affirmed.

Those who enjoy a specialty cocktail, whiskey drinkers, and handicappers will find both dimension and refreshment in this cocktail.


Prohibition, 547 King St.

Deidre Schipani