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Red Harbor Rum.

Red Harbor Rum

Red Harbor Rum is the latest player in the locally distilled Charleston rum market. This molasses-based spirit reflects Charleston’s Colonial roots, distilled and aged in the manner of 18th-century Charleston. It joins High Wire Distilling, Striped Pig Distillery and Firefly Spirits in embracing the current resurgence in traditional rum production.

Owners Justin Buchanan and Jake MacDowell returned to the past to develop the traditional flavors of Red Harbor Rum. Molasses, yeast and water are twice distilled in a traditional pot still. The rum is aged in charred American oak barrels, which endow the rum with depth of flavor more in line with the 18th-century’s taste profiles when charring was used to disinfect barrels that aged spirits.

Buchanan and MacDowell adapted the fonts on their label from South Carolina paper currency and secured a bottle shaped like the 1700’s mullet bottles commonly used at that time.

Red Harbor Rum is distilled in North Charleston. They do not offer distillery tours.

You will find Red Harbor Rum at Burris Liquor Store, Total Wine and More, Bottles Beverage Superstore and local ABC stores. Call and check inventory, as this is small-batch produced rum.

Red Harbor Rum has been used to craft signature cocktails at the locations below, but call to confirm if the cocktail remains on the menu.

The Americano


Charleston Grill



Obstinate Daughter


Victor Social Club

Suggested retail runs from $39.99 and up.

Cocktail prices vary.

Rum is a very diverse sugar-distilled product. It can be fruity, vegetal, spicy, crisp, dry or citrus.

Red Harbor Rum has been double distilled and aged in freshly charred oak barrels, giving the rum a richness and full-bodied mouth feel. Look for notes of caramel and whiskey nuances.

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