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Hooch Limeade was used to make a Hooch-A-Rita at the Shelter Kitchen and Bar.

O+O Hooch

Limeade Sparkling Mixer

O+O Hooch is a limeade-flavored carbonated mixer than can be consumed as is, over ice or used as a base for a variety of adult beverages as well as frozen popsicles and slushy ice.

A float trip on the Chattahoochee River in the late 1990s birthed this beverage that was designed to quench the thirst of a group of friends. It became their “go to” summer refresher and for more than 12 years, family and friends sung the praises of their thirst-quenching “fizzness.”

In 2014, their “a-ha moment” came when a friend suggested bottling the “hooch.”

Sullivan’s Island is home to Hooch but it is manufactured and bottled off the island.

The “hoochers” test marketed the product locally at Patina Blu and Bottles Beverage Superstore to enthusiastic reviews.

What’s the flavor?

Tart lime is blended with enough sugar to seesaw the flavors of sour and sweet. Carbonation is controlled so you do not get the bubble rush of seltzer.

It works well with vodka, gin, tequila, dark rum and complementary-flavored spirits.

Watermelon, cherry, pineapple and mango are all good blending and flavoring fruits. Who’s selling it?

It’s available at Bert’s Market (Folly Beach), Bill’s Liquors and Fine Wine (Summerville), Bottles Beverage Superstore (Mount Pleasant), Cafe Medley (Sullivan’s Island), The Co-Op (Sullivan’s Island), Patina Blu (Mount Pleasant), Tolers Cove Marina (Mount Pleasant), Out of Hand (Old Village, Mount Pleasant) or online at starting next week.

It is used in cocktails at Home Team BBQ (Sullivan’s Island), The Loophole (Johns Island), Shelter Kitchen + Bar (Mount Pleasant).

Hooch retails for $5.99. Cocktail prices vary per location.

Deidre Schipani