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A beer float from Parlor Deluxe.

Beer Floats

Move over, mimosas and bloody Marys.

The prevailing winds of change, bringing creative innovation to the craft beer industry, now feature beer as the base for inspired cocktails and floats.

There is a natural affinity between beers and breakfast foods: salty, sweet, crispy and fatty pair well with the bready, tart, fizzy and citrusy notes of craft beers.

Not to mention chocolate, malty sweetness and toasty ales.

James Groetzinger recently introduced a “beer and bubbles” program to his Parlor Deluxe ice cream emporium, and, along with chef Emily Hahn, developed a “barley soda” menu to marry the natural affinity of porters and stouts and chocolate, coffee and ice creams.

“At Parlor Deluxe we love our floats. Traditionally we served them with either cola or root beer but when introducing our beer and bubbles program, we knew that an ‘adult’ float was a must. You can expect to see some variations according to the season,” says Groetzinger, but currently Parlor Deluxe combines Anchor Steam Porter with vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate sauce and spikes the “float” with Arbol chile and orange sauce.

Parlor Deluxe

207A St. Philip St.


$7; available all day.

Closed Sunday, Monday

Mocha Java meets a spicy orange Creamsicle pretty much sums up the tasting notes.

Deidre Schipani