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Winter Cider at Ms. Rose's restaurant: house-infused cinnamon bourbon, fresh orange and house-made apple cider.

The Winter Cider is a cocktail created by Ms. Rose's bartender, Krista Dukes. Its ingredients reflect a prevailing trend that surfaced in full force in 2014, that of using hard ciders as an ingredient in cocktail composition. The Snakebite, a pour of cider and stout, made popular in the U.K. in the 1980s (variations Black Velvet and Diesel) continues in its popularity merging flavors of bitter and sweet with easy drinkability. Cider cocktails are the next step in this beverage continuum.

Dukes reports: “I was home one night and had Fireball (a cinnamon whisky) but did not want to drink it straight, and was not sure what to mix with it. I had some store-bought cider and mixed that with the cider and loved it. The next day, I thought it would be great to make a house-infused cinnamon bourbon and house-made cider to re-create the cocktail. I started an infusion (using Jim Beam bourbon) and cider at work, added a squeeze of orange and the Winter Cider was born.”

At the restaurant, Winter Cider is served chilled and straight up. Dukes infuses the bourbon, presses her own cider and uses fresh orange juice to produce this lively cocktail.

Many bars around town serve classic ciders from the traditional cider houses of France and Spain. Local and regional cider products also are finding favor with local craft cocktail creators. New York City has seen the opening of a designated cider bar called Wassail and The Northman opened in Chicago as a designated “cider pub.”

The Winter Cider is available at Ms. Rose's in West Ashley.

Around town look for hard cider and cider cocktails at Husk, The Tattooed Moose, Craftsman Kitchen and Taphouse, Bohemian Bull, Closed For Business and many others.

Winter Cider sells for $7.