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A PB&Buzz smoothie from Grind and Squeeze in I'On in Mount Pleasant.

The PB&Buzz is a nutritious twist on modern American "fat-puccino" consumption. It contains two shots of espresso, natural peanut butter, Columbian cacao, fresh banana, honey and a dash of cinnamon all blended together with your choice of milk or a milk alternative. Every ingredient in this cold shake is selected for its benefits to health and wellness.

When Grind and Squeeze coffee shop and smoothie and juice bar acquired its beer and wine license a few months ago, the owners' main goal was to not lose sight of the mission statement. This was to focus on serving both health- and quality-conscious beverages in their European-style courtyard cafe in I'On. Sisters Heston Stutz and Harley Stutz-Hall were inspired by their world travels and shared interest for a healthy lifestyle to open this courtyard cafe. They established a cold press juice bar featuring fresh fruits and vegetables drinks along with locally roasted coffees, Rishi free trade tea and WildFlour pastries.

They have expanded into the "spirit" world but remain committed to healthy fresh beverage options.

Customers for the flavor profiles in the PB&Buzz vary. It is a popular choice for the "muscle heads" who value the protein element; it is made for youngsters without the "buzz" of caffeine; and for those who want a bit of "green" to boost their day in a healthy way, Grind and Squeeze will toss in some kale.

Grind and Squeeze is at 357 N. Shelmore Blvd. in I'On, Mount Pleasant.

"They had me at peanut butter, but the buzz adds a whole new level of greatness. It's safe to say I am an addict." - Lauren Ross (daily buzzer), Charleston