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Raconteur cocktail at The Gin Joint uses Tippleman’s syrups.

Tippleman’s is a line of bar syrups produced for bartenders, cocktail programs and consumers who are serious about mixing sophisticated and complex adult beverages.

Joe and MariElena Raya, owners of The Gin Joint and the cocktail mixer line Bittermilk, have produced a line of “Not Quite Simple Syrups” for the professional bartender and serious amateur drink maker.

The six flavors in the line are handcrafted here in Charleston. They are made from organic ingredients when possible and Joe Raya has put a local spin on formulating classic bar stock syrups: Geechie Boy Mill cracked corn and benne seeds in Tippleman’s Island Orxata (orgeat); 2,000 pounds of organic lemons are hand peeled and macerated with organic cane sugar to create Lemon Oleo Saccharum; and shaved bourbon barrels from Willett Distillery are used to perfume the smoke for the Barrel Smoked Maple Syrup.

Fresh spices and ginger juice along with coarsely ground lime citrus are combined to craft the Falernum.

All are made in small batches and offer the creative mixologist a consistent, complex and quality simple syrup solution to foster creativity on the menu while saving labor costs and providing a high-quality cocktail base.

Edmund’s Oast has a cocktail on their menu called “The Good Neighbor” using Tippleman’s Falernum.

The Cocktail Club offered a cocktail named “YeaMon-te” featuring Tippleman’s Island Orxata.

The Gin Joint’s cocktails using Tippleman’s include the “Gold Digger,” which uses the Lemon Oleo Saccharum; the “Paraiso” using Ginger Honey; and “Raconteur” and “Bush Hog” using Tippleman’s Falernum.

Chef Kayla Bennett is also using Tippleman’s Island Orxata in the Geechie Boy Mill Cornbread on The Gin Joint’s dessert menu.

The product line earned high praise from beverage professionals who attended a workshop on the Tippleman’s line. Its consistent concentrations and Brix levels allow for standardizations that simplify the mixing life of both professional and recreational bartenders.

Cocktails have been well received as the product makes its local launch here in Charleston.

The Tippleman’s “Not Quite Simple Syrups” range in price from $10-$29 based on their formula. All products are dated with a “best by” date; they are non-alcoholic; and on average will yield 30 cocktails per bottle.

To learn more about wholesale pricing visit or

Cocktails around town have been priced between $8-$12.

The product is available online at It is also sold at Bottles in Mount Pleasant.

Tippleman’s Syrups:

Burnt Sugar

Island Orxata


Ginger Honey

Lemon Oleo Saccharum

Barrel Smoked Maple

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