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The El Satanico cocktail at Minero on East Bay Street. The drink can be served frozen or on the rocks.

El Satanico is a signature cocktail developed by Cappie Peete, director of beverage and education for the Neighborhood Dining Group (McCrady's, Minero, Husk, and No. 5 Faber).

It contains blanco tequila, yellow Chartreuse, pineapple vinegar and Tepache.

All of the cocktails at Minero are named after Mexican luchadores. A luchador is a professional Mexican wrestling performer.

Peete named her cocktail El Satanico, meaning the satanic one. Its significance is only that of a wrestler's name.

The story behind the drink came from Peete's discovery of Tepache. Tepache is a fermented pineapple wine, typically made at home. She researched the product and found a retail source in Argus Cidery.

She describes it as: “Super funky on its own, kind of a mix of salty sour beer (Gose-like) with the background flavor of pineapple with a touch a sweetness but not much. I was determined to find a way to use it in a cocktail, and tequila or mezcal seemed like the best companion. It turned out that the smoky quality of mezcal was too much for it but tequila was perfect.

“I wanted to highlight the pineapple flavor, so I added Jam Beverage Co.'s pineapple vinegar for some tang. The yellow Chartreuse was to add weight, a bit of sweetness and an herbaceous tone. I decided I loved it on the rocks because of the bubbles from the Tepache but I thought it would be a great choice for our frozen drink machine. It turned out to be relatively easy to freeze but we had to add a bit of water which changed the sweetness level.”

Minero, 155 East Bay St.


This cocktail is available on the rocks and frozen. Sales are divided between those who prefer their cocktails iced and those that enjoy frozen libations. Flavor profiles differ slightly due to the fizz in the on-the-rocks style and the sorbet-like texture of the frozen version.