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The Matchacado smoothie at Gogogreens

Matchacado Smoothie

Matchacado is a “smart smoothie” found on the menu at Gogogreens, a fast-casual cafe that occupies the space of the former Cafe Medley on Sullivan’s Island. It combines matcha powder, avocado, almond milk, agave, fresh ginger, dates and protein powder to join the green juice revolution of healthy, nutrition-based drinks.

Owners Kathleen McCormack and partner Artie Perry in January opened a cafe where “good for you and good for the planet” strategically define the policy of Gogogreens. They are committed to sourcing as much local and organic produce as possible.

They have involved the services of Dr. Mickey Barber to provide physician oversight and chef Randy McDonald to work on menu development and recipes.

Johnson and Wales graduate McCormack refers to their smoothies as “smart smoothies.”

“We’re trying to turn the smoothie world on its head by shining a light on the fact that most of the smoothies on the market are full of sugar, very high in calories and simply not as nutrient dense as they can be. When we were creating our smart smoothie menu, we knew we wanted to include avocado in a few, not only because it’s a healthy fat but because of the texture it would impart.”

The matcha (powdered tea) was a focus because of its antioxidant and other properties and also because it’s said to offer a “calm energy.”


2213 Middle St.

Sullivan’s Island


McCormack compares the creamy Matchacado to “green tea ice cream without the sweet notes.” Fresh ginger adds tang and heat and the avocado and almond milk temper the ingredients into a substantive, textured drink.

Deidre Schipani