Tacos at Taqueria Mexicana

Tacos at Mexicana Taqueria

There’s a reason why immigrants’ dreams are bound up in the phrase “coming to America,” as opposed to an expression singling out a particular U.S. city or state: Once people move to this country, they’re apt to move again.

In her book, "The Promised Land? The Lives and Voices of Hispanic Immigrants in the New South," Patricia Goerman shows how the ongoing search for opportunity and security results in communities of transplanted immigrants, such as the one she studied in central Virginia. More than half of its members had previously lived in California, Florida, Texas, North Carolina or another state.

Which is to say, our Kitchen Cabinet wouldn’t present an accurate picture of immigrant foodways if it never changed. So with this edition, we say goodbye to Bradley and Karol Goldsworthy, a Colombian couple who last month picked up and left South Carolina.

“They went to Alabama,” said a server at Mexicana Taqueria, which took over the Goldsworthys’ former restaurant space at 104 St. James Ave. in Goose Creek.

Mexicana Taqueria belongs to Sergio Moreno, proprietor of the popular Taqueria El Potrero on Hilton Head Island. Although the new restaurant is just getting warmed up, its tacos bode well for continued success. (My server also recommends the carne asada plate.)

The Goldsworthys didn’t respond to multiple messages, but it’s certain they’re seeking new opportunities. In their honor, the following final Colombian recipe for Sancocho Trifasico comes from Patricia Cartin’s new book, "A Taste of Latin America."

— Hanna Raskin

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