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Brazilianuts food truck's dobradinha — tripe stew — includes Brazilian white beans and Portuguese sausage. Wade Spees/Staff  Friday, Dec. 8, 2017

“This not a simple dish to prepare,” Fatima Falangola of Brazilanuts food truck concedes. Still, she promises, “It is delicious at the end.”

Dobradinha came to Brazil from Portugal, where the dish was immortalized by early 20th-century poet Fernando Pessoa. “It is not dish that one can eat cold/But they brought me cold/I did not complain, but it was cold/You can never eat cold, but it came cold.”

And although Pessoa didn’t mention it, it’s not a dish that ought to be overly funky. For that reason, Falangola suggests not skipping any of the tripe-cleaning steps, even if “the tripe available at the supermarkets here in Charleston is supposedly ‘clean.’”

Brazilian beef jerky, Portuguese sausage and the manioc flour recommended as an accompaniment are sold by Brazilian Market in Goose Creek. But Falangola says cooks can substitute whatever supporting meats they like.

— Hanna Raskin

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