daily digest

Taznerda  Haley. Staff/Stephanie Barna

Taznerda Haley lives in Park Circle. 

I started off with a coffee, a very strong coffee. I got like a venti, but I got two shots in it and an extra pump of caramel and an extra pump of classic. You always got to add whole milk. That's how I started my day. I knew it was wrong, but don't judge me. So that was breakfast. 

I was already over there by Starbucks, so at lunch, I said why not go to Zaxby's. And I went to Zaxby's and I always get a Wings & Things, but I always save my wings for my kids so I didn't eat the wings so I just ate the things, you know the chicken tenders, the bread and stuff. I like bread. So don't laugh, but I went to Chick-fil-A and asked them for the sauce to go with the Zaxby's. They think you ordered Chick-fil-A, so they give it to you. I was at Tanger. 

I went home and for dinner I ate the rest of my shrimp and grits that I had inside of the refrigerator. They were three days old, but I don't throw anything away. I made my own shrimp and grits. You can't get shrimp and grits just anywhere. I did make fresh grits cause they were corn grits and they get real hard. But the shrimp was old but they weren't rubbery shrimp because they were fresh shrimp. They come from Shem Creek. I know a guy. I don't know his name, but I know him.

And then later on I ate two of those Christmas cakes you get, like Zebra Cakes, I ate two of those. That's how I closed my night. I didn't eat a thing of water that whole day and that was bad. I tell you why, I worked hard yesterday and I did a lot of deliveries and that's how my day went: bad. Don't judge.

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