Curly Top Crop Sassy Salad

What’s that? A premade salad of locally grown greens.

Who recommends it? Germaine Jenkins, founder of Fresh Future Farm, an urban farm in North Charleston’s Chicora-Cherokee community.

Why? It’s only fitting that Jenkins, who cites food activist Will Allen as a mentor, chose one of her mentee’s projects when asked for a recommendation. LaToya Clement, Fresh Future’s newly named farm manager, assembles her salad mixes from arugula, garden cress, bok choy and Freckles heirloom romaine. She also includes nasturtium flowers, at least when there are petals and leaves for the picking.

“I love it either with good vinaigrette or topped with chicken or egg salad,” Jenkins says. “Since she travels less than 50 feet from the farm store to harvest them, they have a fresh zing that I enjoy.”

Where is it? Curly Top Crop Sassy Salad is sold at the Fresh Future Farm store, 2008 Success St. The store is open Tuesday-Saturday from 10 a.m.-7 p.m., with abbreviated hours in the fall and winter. For more information, call 843-804-9091 or visit

— Hanna Raskin

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