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It’s nearly summertime, so The Post and Courier Food section is getting a makeover, same as it does every year.

But what’s different this time around is there aren’t any new themed columns to introduce, meaning you don’t have to remember if it’s Save the Receipt or Fresh Take that you like to read first. Instead, we’re making more room for the news and reviews that help you navigate the Charleston area’s ever-growing culinary scene.

As some readers may recall, stories posted to the Raskin Around blog used to be reprinted in Charleston Scene. But after those pages were retired, print readers were denied a massive portion of The Post and Courier’s food coverage.

By my count, in the last year alone, roughly 400 stories never found their way to an inked page. That’s a shame, since there’s no reason to think print readers aren’t interested in tip pooling, Scottish pastries, sugar skulls and restaurant ownership disputes, among other topics confined to the section’s online version.

If you’re a regular reader of, you’re already familiar with the food section’s dedication to ferreting out food news and explaining why it matters. With this redesign, that approach will be apparent from the print edition, too.

And that’s not all we have planned for the newly cleared page space: We’re also looking forward to running more images from The Post and Courier’s talented photographers, because sometimes a picture of an icebox pie or steamed pork bun is more meaningful than words.

We’ve always relied on our visual journalists to provide incisive tours of the area’s newest restaurants in our Now Open column, which in the revamped layout can spread out over the space it deserves. (Daily Digest is another weekly column that lives on in the new section; recipes, restaurant retrospectives and other material that was formerly restricted to themed columns will pop up in more organic ways.)

Additionally, we’ve snagged from Charleston Scene my restaurant reviews and Stephanie Barna’s Lowdown column, an informed guide to finding the best local examples of popular food-and-drink items. In other words, you’ll now be able to get all of your food news and opinion in one place.

In Charleston Scene, you will find a directory of recent restaurant reviews, including critic’s picks for where to eat.

As the restaurant servers say: Please enjoy!

Hanna Raskin,

Food Editor

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