If you don't have a smoker or an oil thermometer, you can sample Home Team BBQ's BLT at the restaurant, which is offering the sandwich as its entry in Limehouse Produce's annual Heirloom Tomato Trek. Eighteen restaurants are participating in the competition, which is decided by online vote. The creator of the winning dish will receive a trophy and 100 pounds of tomatoes.

Eaters also are eligible for a prize: One diner who posts a tagged Tomato Trek image on Facebook or Instagram will be randomly selected to receive two pig roast tickets. For more information about the Trek, which runs through Saturday, visit limehouseproduce.com.

Should you decide to make your own crackling BLT, note that chefs Taylor Garrigan and Madison Ruckel are agnostic on the topic of bread. You can use any kind of bread you choose, so long as it's white, and it's up to you whether to toast. But the Duke's mayo is non-negotiable.


12 chicken leg-and-thigh quarters, skin on

Sea salt

Black pepper

4 cup canola oil

8 slices of your favorite white bread

1/2 cup Duke's mayonnaise

2 cup iceberg lettuce, chopped in long strips

12 heirloom tomato slices


Salt and pepper legs and thigh quarters and place in smoker for 21/2 hours at 225 degrees (smokers vary, so adjust cooking time accordingly). Let cool.

Once chicken cools, remove the skin and set it aside. Remove chicken from the bones. Discard the bones and make sure the meat is chilled through.

Heat oil in a pot over medium heat to 350 degrees. It is important to use an oil thermometer in this step. The temperature of the oil is very important, and it is a potentially dangerous step if not treated with respect.

Dry the skins with a paper towel. Using a small spider, place the skins into the oil. Let them cook until they are crispy. They will crisp as they cool, so do not overcook. Look for a nice dark golden brown.

Sandwich assembly

Toasting the bread is optional. Put a generous portion of mayo on the bottom slice of bread, then stack your sandwich: lettuce, tomato (season each slice), pulled chicken, chicken skins (3 to 4 pieces per sandwich.) Top with a bread slice. Use two toothpicks to keep the sandwich together. Cut in half and enjoy.