Home cooks eligible for Tomato Trek prizes

Hank tomatoes on the vine -- photographed at Teresa Taylor's house on Thursday, June 19, 2008. (Wade Spees/Staff)

Home cooks who wanted in on Limehouse Produce heirloom tomato action this year have their chance.

The local distributor this year is inviting amateurs to participate in its annual tomato cooking contest, which celebrates varietals such as the Golden Nugget, Mr. Brownie, Ghost Cherry and Peacevine.

According to the rules of the Tomato Trek event, restaurants are supposed to post images of their heirloom tomato dishes on social media platforms. Public support, combined with the expert opinion of chef Frank Lee, critic Eric Doksa and farmer Greg Johnsman, determines which restaurant wins a trophy and 100 pounds of tomatoes. The same judging format will be used for the home cook competition, but the prize is a $50 gift card from The Vegetable Bin or Boone Hall Farms.

All that’s required to enter is a photo and brief description of the dish; submitting the recipe is optional. The rules and entry form are here.

The Tomato Trek ends on July 15.