The word "healthy" can get tricky. Lots of foods get labeled "good for you" or may seem low-cal, but they're anything but. Here are a few of the biggest offenders:

--Fat-free cookies: Fat-free cookies and snack cakes may be lower in fat than the original versions, but it almost always means they're higher in sugar and have just as many calories.

--Reduced-fat peanut butter: It's actually higher in sugar than the regular version and still contains hydrogenated oils (bad for your waistline and your heart).

--100-calorie packs: What good is a 100-calorie pack if you eat three at a time? Many foods in these packs are low in nutrients and high in sugar.

--Granola: Many granola mixes contain whole grains, dried fruit, nuts and seeds. In some combos, however, they're calorie and fat overloads.

--Enhanced waters & sports drinks: Just because "vitamin" is in the name doesn't mean it's healthy. Infused waters and other enhanced drinks are loaded with synthetic vitamins and sugar.