Halls group “giving staff more opportunities to work” with extended hours

Cedric Giegher, line cook, and Mason Morton, line cook, prepare the last dishes of the night Friday, June 27, 2014 at High Cotton in Charleston. Paul Zoeller/Staff

Hall Management Group is beefing up its staff in order to extend service hours at a pair of former Maverick Southern Kitchen properties.

Starting Sept. 20, Slightly North of Broad will serve lunch on Sundays; the downtown restaurant two months ago added Saturday lunch. And sister restaurant Old Village Post House this weekend launched Saturday brunch.

High Cotton was previously the only restaurant in the group that kept daytime hours on Saturdays. Its brunch was last month remade as a gospel brunch, featuring the a cappella group that has long performed at Halls Chophouse on Sundays, presumably in an effort to draw more customers.

According to the restaurant group’s publicist, Hall Management Group has hired around 20 employees over the past few weeks to accommodate the expansion. Prior to Hall Management Group’s April purchase of Maverick Southern Kitchens, Maverick employed a total of 260 workers.

“They are always adding talent to their excellent team of servers and giving their staff more opportunities to work,” Charlotte Park says. “Plus, the team appreciates the flexibility a seven-day workweek affords.”

Opportunities to work aren’t scarce in the world of Charleston restaurants: The industry is coping with rampant understaffing that workers say in some cases has resulted in restaurants requiring employees to work unpaid overtime. On Aug. 31 alone, 164 help wanted ads were posted to the “food, beverage and hospitality” page of Craigslist’s Charleston site, including a number of ads touting signing bonuses.

Slightly North of Broad, High Cotton and Old Village Post House in August collectively posted just 19 ads to Craigslist, but the Halls website is soliciting applications for more than 40 positions, ranging from cleaning associate at Old Village Post House to executive chef at all three restaurants. Because of the chronic short staffing situation, it is common for local restaurants to be on a perpetual hunt for resumes.