Apple Harvest Julep

An Apple Harvest Julep from Grace & Grit. Brad Nettles/Staff

Apple Harvest Julep

What is it?

The Apple Harvest Julep is a seasonal cocktail created by an owner of Grace & Grit.

Chef Frank Kline was inspired by the seasonal Southern classic, the mint julep of Churchill Downs and Kentucky Derby fame, to craft an autumn ingredient libation for the restaurant’s newly released fall beverage menu.

What’s the story?

Kline found a worthy single-barrel, straight bourbon whiskey in Chicken Cock that would pair well with fresh apple cider. This bottled in North Charleston whiskey was a medal winner at the 2016 CRAFT Spirits Awards.

Riffing on the technique to layer and muddle as in a classic mint julep, he seasoned the cider with cinnamon, clove and star anise — spices that augment the vanilla notes in the bourbon. The julep wears a mint sprig garnish and is served over ice.

Who’s selling it?

Grace & Grit

320 Wingo Way

Mount Pleasant


What’s the price?


What’s the flavor profile?

Finished in young oak, this whiskey presents on the lighter side, making it an easy-drinking spirit.

The warming spices of clove and cinnamon with the tang of star anise layer the flavors of the Apple Harvest Julep, making it a stand-alone cocktail or a great holiday partner with apple pie, pumpkin pie and even deviled eggs, should they appear at your holiday table.

— Deidre Schipani