Gibbes on the Street celebrates French cuisine

Kevin Johnson of The Grocery adds grated cheese to smoked ricotta tortellini with asparagus, green garlic and pickled mushrooms at Gibbes on the Street in 2013.

Circuses and cabarets were big during the Belle Epoque, so maybe it’s fitting that Theirry Chateau of Saveurs du Monde is taking a theatrical approach to this year’s Gibbes on the Street, which is taking the era as its theme.

“We want to make a surprise a little bit,” Chateau says. “Let me see what we can say and not say…we want to play like Jean Paul Gaultier.”

Also, he says, the bakery’s contribution to the annual fundraiser involves macarons.

Saveurs du Monde is one of 21 restaurants participating in Gibbes Museum of Art’s annual fundraiser, which many serious Charleston eaters rank among the most delicious of the area’s many culinary-themed galas. Other restaurants on the roster include The Obstinate Daughter, The Grocery, McCrady’s, Charleston Grill and Edmund’s Oast.

The Gibbes, currently closed for renovations, gave the event a French twist in homage to the Beaux-Arts style of the century-old museum building now being restored.

“This year’s event will highlight the connection between art created in the south and that of the European masters,” executive director Angela Mack is quoted as saying in a release.

Gibbes on the Street is scheduled for May 7. Tickets are $175, with a $25 discount available for museum members. For more information, visit or call (843)722-2706 ext. 21.