Humble Bee cocktail

Humble Bee cocktail


Cocktail: Humble Bee

What is it?

The Humble Bee is a signature cocktail created by the Holy City Hospitality Team.

It speaks to the fall season with the inclusion of pomegranate juice and locally produced James Island honey.

What’s the story?

Michael “Junior” Moore is a bartender at 39 Rue de Jean, a sister property to Coast Bar & Grill.

Moore keeps 20 production bee hives on James Island. The goal of his “Eli and Junior’s Honey” is to educate the public about the role of bees in the agricultural environment.

The honey business provides the locally extracted honey for the cocktail menu at Coast.

Who’s selling it?

Coast Bar & Grill

39 John St. D


What’s the price?


What’s the flavor?

Made with Buffalo Trace bourbon, you are greeted with the toffee-vanilla oak-aged whiskey taste.

The pomegranate juice adds earthy, tannin flavors with berry notes and the local honey tempers the edges of the alcohol with sufficient body to match the verve of the bourbon. The key three ingredients work well together in the cocktail and the lemon finish brightens the flavors on your tongue.

It's a perfect cocktail for the fall season as the temperatures and daylight decline.

— Deidre Schipani