Q: I would like to know if a person decides to purchase an extra turkey on sale for cooking at a later date, how long can it be frozen before being considered spoiled?

A: According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, frozen foods can remain good (that is, not spoiled) indefinitely, but after a while, their textures start to suffer. Whole poultry can last a long while if it's been packaged well; you probably can hold on to a bird for up to a year. Though we usually recommend not storing whole uncooked poultry for longer than three months.

Q: When I make cornbread dressing, I always use eggs. My husband never uses eggs. Which way is correct?

A: Both ways are right; it just depends on how you like your dressing. Using eggs makes it creamier and more like a savory bread pudding; leaving them out showcases the cornbread flavor, meaning that it's critical to have excellent cornbread. When you're using eggs, make sure to bake your dressing in a lower-than-usual oven so that the eggs don't scramble.